DEEPER MINIMALISM (source image by glitch artist Gus Holiday)

DEEPER /\/\INI/\/\ALIS/\/\ will feature two lie-down and move-around performance-installations exploring hypnotic spatialised music, created by Luke Jaaniste (various electronics) with collaborating improvisors including Jordin Steele (voice), Marisa Georgiou (voice) and James Scott (bass):


4/18 Mountain View Avenue, Miami, Gold Coast
SUN 3 MAY, 3-7PM
$10 entry (includes drink on arrival, cash only, kids free)

///////////////// PROGRAM DETAILS

PORTAL is an ongoing project that uses many identical vintage keyboards (Yamaha Portasounds from the early 1980s) to create hypnotic spatialised harmonies, using simple pre-set auto-chords and arpeggios to conjure subtle micro-phasing effects. Luke has also been working with various performers who add their musical and often meditative tones to this performance-installation, including voice, in the form of a FLOOR CHOIR lying on the ground amongst the dispersed keyboards. Come lie with us (cushions provided).

HHAARRPP is an electro-hypnotica band project, for arpeggiated electronics and trance-like improvisation, ranging in mood from ambient chills to dancey thrills to noisy spills. It began as a solo project but quickly has attached a range of indie pop and experimental improvisors all with superhero-sounding monikers: King Colossus (Seamus Kirkpatrick on electric guitar, clarinet and voice), Machine Age (Adrian Mauro on electric guitar and voice), The Feather Collector (Hannaka Johnson on multiple vocal loops), The Little Fox (Amanda Terry on electric violin) and JUGGERNAUT who is appearing in this event (James Scott, on various bass instruments).

///////////////// ABOUT THE ARTISTS

LUKE JAANISTE is a sonic artist and community facilitator. His current practice is focused on the creation of vibrational fields of sound, via various ongoing expanded music projects, which are experienced as full body listening and mesmerising immersions. In 2015 he is an artist in residence at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, through their Fresh Ground program, via which he is presenting the MESMERISM Four Seasons Festivals (Summer through Spring) in multiple locations. He is also co-director of the site-specific participatory project Super Critical Mass which has created temporary ‘masses’ in public spaces across Australia and the UK. In 2014 Luke was invited to present a version of his PORTAL project at The Walls to accompany the “Fern Studio Floor; a cosmology” exhibition by Chris Bennie, and is excited to be back with new collaboration incarnation of his PORTAL and HHAARRPP projects.

JORDIN STEELE is a trained opera singer and artistic director of Outcast Performing Arts company producing multidisciplinary contemporary vocal theatre, including “The Void and The Light’ which premiered to sell out shows in Brisbane Fringe Festival 2014. She is a current PHD candidate and sessional at QUT Creative Industries Faculty and collaborated previously with Luke Jaaniste for the “Portal: Re-Sounding Body” project at Old Government House in March 2015.

MARISA GEORGIOU is a visual artist currently undertaking honours in Fine Arts at Queensland College of Art, where she is pursuing an installation, performance and screen-based practice exploring transience of place and interior ritual. She is also an arts writer, and student of Butoh and Yoga movement traditions. This year she has collaborated with Luke Jaaniste for the “Portal: Re-Sounding Body” project at Old Government House and a site-specific movement and sound work at the Industrial Museum at Kandos NSW.

JAMES SCOTT, aka Juggernaut, is a bass musician fluent on four major bass instruments of Western music (double bass, electric double bass, electric bass and fretless electric bass). He is the bassist for Brisbane synth-rock band Tesla Coils and is a regular member of the electro-hypnotica HHAARRPP project. He recently joined Luke Jaaniste and Seamus Kirkpatrick on the HHAARRPP road trip including a “Trance Piano Trio” event in Nimbin. James is also studying photonics and nano science at Griffith University.


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