HHAARRPP: ELECTRO HYPNOTICA PARTY is the ultra chilled and thrilled climax to the /\/\ES/\/\ERIS/\/\ AUTUMN FESTIVAL, bringing together a super group of Brisbane indie experimental pop improvisors for an expansive ambient-electro groove space:

MACHINE AGE (Adrian Mauro, electric guitar, voice), KING COLOSSUS (Seamus Kirkpatrick, electric guitar, voice), THE FEATHER COLLECTOR (Hannaka Johnson, roving vocal loops), JUGGERNAUT (James Scott, electric bass instruments, throat singing) and THE LITTLE FOX Amanda Terry, electric violin), melding beautifully and wildly and hypnotically with the arpeggiated electronica of HHAARRPP (Luke Jaaniste, laptop, monotribe, melodica).

Live generative geo-visuals by special guests CAT FULL OF GHOSTS up from Melbourne (Roberto D Jordan) and local audio-visual synth guru Andrew Gibbs from THE CAVE.

The Bearded Lady has an awesome sound system, and the bar will of course be open with all things refreshing for this Sunday afternoon hypno-gasm.

$10 at the door.


And here’s a sample of recordings of previous live sessions.



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